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Sea Spray Generators

Glass Wave Channel In order to properly reproduce the properties of aerosol particles generated in nature, it is essential to accurately mimic the mechanisms that create them.  Towards this goal, an artificial ocean was created in the glass wave channel in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Hydraulics Laboratory.  In Phase I, real seawater from off [...]

Mass Spectrometry

The amount of material contained within a single aerosol particle is about one trillionth of a gram.  Many important reactive trace gases in the atmosphere exist as only one 1 molecule in a billion molecules of whole air.  As one of the most sensitive chemical analysis techniques, mass spectrometry is well suited to the task. [...]

Computational Chemistry

Park, K., Go, A. W., Walker, R. C., & Paesani, F.,J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2012, 8(2868). Direct Dynamics Reactive Scattering-adaptive QM/MM The reactive uptake of atmospherically-relevant gases (such as N2O5) by model aerosol surfaces will be simulated using the direct dynamics reactive scattering with adaptive quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (DDRS-adQM/MM) approach. While the interactions [...]