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E&O5Living in the modern world, our society continues to face many global issues—from human disease and hunger to pollution and climate change.  Science plays a critical role in helping us learn about how these issues affect our world and how we might go about fixing them. Every day, scientists work to better understand the issues that face us. However, these problems are large, complex, and complicated—meaning we have to work together to figure them out!  No one scientist can solve these issues alone, but together, teams of scientists can work together to build the knowledge that we need to work through these challenges. Starting with an observation, researchers formulate a scientific question that they can study in a controlled manner—in this way, scientists answer one question at a time, until we can understand how the bigger issue works.

The CLEAR Project will help you to learn about small particles in our atmosphere, called aerosols, which come from both natural sources and from human pollution. By participating in the CLEAR program, teams of students will have the opportunity to contribute to the research effort of CAICE by working on their own research study. CAICE researchers are working to understand how these particles in our atmosphere impact our environment and climate change. Now, you are part of this effort too—welcome to the team!

The following pages will prepare you for this journey by leading you through the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Aerosols
  2. Aerosol Impacts on Health and Climate
  3. Experimental Design
  4. Instrumentation: The CLEAR-CAICE

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