Learning with CLEAR: The CLEAR-CAICE

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Components of the CLEAR-CAICE

The CLEAR-CAICE (pronounced CLEAR-Case) is an instrument that measures the number of particles in the air. It has two channels, one that counts the number of small particles (.5- 1 micrometer), and one that counts the number of coarse particles (between greater than 1 micrometer in diameter). A picture of the CLEAR-CAICE can be seen by clicking on the link below. The instrument is in a clear case, so we can see all of the components.

Measuring Aerosol Particles in our environment: The CLEAR‐CAICE

The function of each CLEAR-CAICE component is listed below:

  • Optical Particle Counter: Uses light scattering to measure the number and size of particles–this component is the heart of the instrument
  • Air Inlet: Where air is pulled into the instrument
  • Air Flow Sensor: Measures the air flow through the system. The output of this sensor is relayed to the Raspberry Pi, which calculates a change in voltage to the fan to adjust air flow to a nominal flow rate.
  • Fan (pump): Pulls air from the environment through the air inlet and the particle counter, which allows us to sample the air in our environment.
  • Touchscreen Display: instrument control interface and data display.
  • Raspberry Pi Instrument Control Unit: Positioned on the lid (just below the touchscreen display), this unit controls the instrument. It includes USB ports for inserting a USB drive (to download data) or external keyboard (for naming data files).
  • Power Supply (Lithium Ion Battery): Stores power for running the instrument off of battery.
  • AC Power Supply Connection: allows connection of the instrument to an alternating current (AC) power supply through a standard wall plug.


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