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Graduate and Postdoctoral Opportunities

CAICE focuses on science, education, outreach, and innovation activities involving chemical studies of aerosol particles and their impacts on Earth’s climate and our environmentMichelle Kim algaeStudies range from the fundamental chemistry of interfacial composition and reaction processes to top-down studies designed to encapsulate the full complexity of the environment.  Our goal is to transform our ability to accurately predict the impact of aerosols on climate and atmosphere by bringing real-world chemical complexity into the laboratory.

VH Grassian and AP AultCAICE research is highly interdisciplinary.  Every researcher that is a part of our Center is exposed to a wide breadth of opportunities to engage and explore the bridges between complimentary approaches that have been established to achieve our science and education goals.  Work with research teams led by some of the world’s foremost expertsatmospheric chemistry, interfacial and materials chemistry, physical and chemical oceanography, theoretical chemistry, high resolution chemical microscopy, chemical biology, climate science, marine ecology, and mass spectrometry.  All CAICE researchers will have the opportunity to present their findings in peer-reviewed journals and at major scientific conferences, while also reaching out directly to the community through formal and informal educational opportunities.  All scientists in CAICE will be involved in building the next generation of theoretical and experimental tools for studying chemically complex systems.  Students will receive training in the basic chemical sciences while becoming the next generation of effective science communicators and innovators who are equipped to address the complex global environmental problems in our future.

 At CAICE, fundamental and applied chemistry converge on our climate and environment.

Graduate Students
Postdoctoral Researchers
interested in summer research should send their CV and personal statement to (subject: CAICE undergraduate research) interested in pursuing MS or PhD degrees within CAICE should send their CV and personal statement to (subject: CAICE graduate research) interested in pursuing research within CAICE should send their CV and personal statement to (subject: CAICE postdoc research)