ACS National Meeting Makes Atmospheric Chemistry a Focus

A group of CAICE investigators will be traveling to Denver, CO this week for the 242nd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This meeting’s theme, “Chemistry of Air, Space, & Water” indicates the special focus that chemists are taking on environmental problems in both fundamental and applied studies. The newest research tools and techniques available to the modern chemist allow for never-before-seen analytical abilities and allow for creative and direct insights into highly complex environmental systems, such as those studied by the members of CAICE.

Three CAICE Investigators will speak at the meeting this week:

–Prof. Kim Prather will discuss the impacts of aerosols on clouds and climate from in-situ studies, with reference to laboratory experiments performed by the CAICE science team.

–Prof. Francesco Paesani will be presenting insights into the chemistry of aerosol surfaces enlightened by molecular simulations.

–Prof. Vicki Grassian will highlight unique work done in the regime between traditional surface science and colloid chemistry, as well as the surface chemistry of oxide materials.

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