Festivals, libraries, backyards...we bring the science of CAICE to you and your community through interactive & fun experiences.

Community Events

CAICE research takes place at 11 institutions across the US. We are invested in serving the communities that surround each of those institutions and regularly participate in local events.

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About our Partner Institutions

CAICE is proud to unite world-class scientists and facilities from across the U.S. in the research of aerosol particle chemistry.

CAICE Partners Map
CAICE Partners Map

Colorado State University

DeMott / Kreidenweis Research Group
PI: Paul DeMott

The Farmer Group
PI: Delphine Farmer

Ohio State University

Skidmore College

Navea Research Group
PI: Juan Navea

UC Berkeley

Goldstein Research Group
PI: Allen Goldstein

Limmer Research Group
PI: David Limmer

UC Davis

UC Irvine

R. Benny Gerber Research Group
PI: R. Benny Gerber

Smith Group
PI: Jim Smith

UC San Diego

Azam Lab
PI: Farooq Azam

Continetti Group
PI: Robert Continetti

The Dorrenstein Lab
PI: Pieter Dorrenstein

Goetz Research Group
PI: Andreas Goetz

Grassian Research Group
PI: Vicki Grassian

Innovative Marine Technology Lab
PI: Dale Stokes

Knight Lab
PI: Robin Knight

Molina Research Group
PI: Mario Molina

Prather Research Group
PI: Kimberly Prather

The Slade Lab
PI: Johnathan (Nate) Slade

Tauber Lab
PI: Michael Tauber

The Xiong Group
PI: Wei Xiong

University of Iowa

Stone Research Group
PI: Elizabeth Stone

Tivanski Research Group
PI: Alexei Tivanski

University of Minnesota

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bertram Research Group
PI: Timothy Bertram

Nathanson Group
PI: Gilbert Nathanson


Johnson Lab
PI: Mark Johnson

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