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CAICE investigators perform cutting edge research on complex aerosol chemistry.

Center-Enabled Major Experiment Campaigns

CAICE operates a summer research program for undergraduate students during each summer, with participants at multiple universities associated with the Center.

Now: CHAOS-2022

The experimental campaign for the summer for 2022 focuses on Characterizing Atmospheric-Oceanic parameters of SOARS (CHAOS).

Work side by side with CAICE research teams and complete a research project during this exciting paid summer opportunity. Applications are due February 1, 2020!

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SeaSCAPE 2019

SeaSCAPE (Sea Spray Chemistry And Particle Evolution) 2019 took place at the Hydraulics Laboratory at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The collaborative team of researchers filled a 33-meter-long wave channel with seawater. Bulk seawater, sea surface microlayer (SSML), and sea spray aerosol (SSA) was collected and measured around the clock, as the crashing waters within the wave tank experienced blooms of biological activity similar to that found in open oceans and seas.


Kim Prather
Jon Sauer
Kathryn Mayer
Chris Lee
Julie Dinasquet
Matt Pendergraft
Mitch Santander
Brock Mitts
Alexia Moore
Ke’La Kimble
Rebecca Simpson
Daniel Petras
Sudarshan Srinivasan
Ben Rico
Clare Morris
Catherine Mullenmeister
Tyler Price
Ikran Ibrahim
Mahum Farhan

Vicki Grassian
Victor Or
Liora Mael
Michael Alves
Kyle Angle
Stephanie Mora Garcia
Michael Sullivan

Nate Slade
Sam Kruse
Adam Cooper
Ryan Tumminello
Mallory Small
Allison Kawasaki
Zhuoying Lin

Delphine Farmer
Lauren Garofalo
Matson Pothier

Chris Cappa
Daniel Moon

Allen Goldstein
Emily Barnes

Betsy Stone
Glorianne Dorce
Elias Hasenecz

Alexei Tivanski
Hansol Lee
Chathuri Kaluarachchi

Juan Navea
Heather Ricker

Mark Thiemens
Daniel Crocker

Tim Bertram
Delaney Kilgour
Gordon Novak
Chris Jernigan

Cari Dutcher
Priyatanu Roy

Jim Smith
Hayley Glicker
Sabrina Chee
Mike Lawler
Julian Resch

Todd Martz
Stephanie Smith

Mike Tauber
Vanessa Tian

Paul DeMott
Kathryn Moore
Russell Perkins
Tom Hill

Rob Knight
Jake Minich
Pedro Belda-Ferre

Jules Jaffe
Devon Ratelle
Joe Walker

Farooq Azam
Francesca Malfatti
Skip Pomeroy
Pieter Dorrestein
Grant Deane

Dale Stokes
Mark Young
Joe Mayer
Nigella Hillgarth

Cristina Bahaveolos
Margaux Winter
Jusephine Rudd
Duten Dang
David Gonzales
Sarah Amiri
Hannah Karp
Chi-Min Ni
Savannah Shaul
Isis Guadalupe
Stephania Ortiz

Summer 2018


Professors and students from all over the country gathered for the IMPACTS (Investigation into Marine Particle Chemistry and Transfer Science) 2014 experiment. The goal of this year's experiment was to better understand the link between ocean biology and the composition and physical properties of particles emitted from sea spray.

CAICE Intensive 2011

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