For Knowledge

Innovation, education, outreach, and increasing diversity are at the forefront of CAICE community involvement.

CAICE Education and Professional Development

CAICE’s plan for education and professional development is focused on producing the next generation of chemists who possess the broad interdisciplinary skills needed to solve complex problems, including knowledge of emerging environmental issues related to the ocean, atmosphere, and climate; and the ability to effectively communicate the science of climate change along with the significance of CAICE research to diverse audiences. CAICE provides a host of programs directed to undergraduate and graduate students, which serves to also enhance the center’s plans for outreach and broadening participation. Specific goals include:

Graduate students
Develop interdisciplinary research expertise and profession skills in mentoring, communication, teamwork, innovation, and entrepreneurship through theory and experimentation, collaborative projects, coursework, conferences and outreach events/programs. This training serves to allow CAICE graduate students to succeed in a competitive academic and industrial workforce.

Undergraduate students
Strengthen the knowledge base and develop core competencies in environmental chemistry through coursework, research, and outreach, while also exposing a broader and more diverse audience of STEM majors to issues of chemistry and climate. Competency in these areas fulfills the need for chemical literacy, success in graduate/professional school and careers in academia or industry.

Select a Topic

Examples of past CAICE professional development topics include:

  • Lab to Market: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Do Patents Matter?
  • Science Communication Through Outreach Workshop
  • Digital Scientific Illustration Workshop Series
  • Diversity in the Workplace Environment
  • Ethics in Science and Research
  • Women Faculty in Chemistry Panel
  • Chemistry Careers Panel
  • LabView Bootcamp
  • Advancing Chemical Innovation Through Diversity