By bringing the ocean and atmosphere into the lab, we are studying the influence of aerosols on the environment.

Partner Institutions

CAICE is proud to unite world-class scientists and facilities from across the U.S. in the research of aerosol particle chemistry.

CAICE Partners Map
CAICE Partners Map

International Partners

National Sun Yat-sen University


Aerosol Science Research Center
Dr. Chia C. Wang

U.S. Partners

Colorado State University

DeMott / Kreidenweis Research Group
PI: Paul DeMott

The Farmer Group
PI: Delphine Farmer

Ohio State University

Skidmore College

Navea Research Group
PI: Juan Navea

UC Berkeley

Goldstein Research Group
PI: Allen Goldstein

Limmer Research Group
PI: David Limmer

UC Davis

UC Irvine

R. Benny Gerber Research Group
PI: R. Benny Gerber

Smith Group
PI: Jim Smith

UC San Diego

Azam Lab
PI: Farooq Azam

Continetti Group
PI: Robert Continetti

The Dorrenstein Lab
PI: Pieter Dorrenstein

Goetz Research Group
PI: Andreas Goetz

Grassian Research Group
PI: Vicki Grassian

Innovative Marine Technology Lab
PI: Dale Stokes

Knight Lab
PI: Robin Knight

Molina Research Group
PI: Mario Molina

Prather Research Group
PI: Kimberly Prather

The Slade Lab
PI: Johnathan (Nate) Slade

Tauber Lab
PI: Michael Tauber

The Xiong Group
PI: Wei Xiong

University of Iowa

Stone Research Group
PI: Elizabeth Stone

Tivanski Research Group
PI: Alexei Tivanski

University of Minnesota

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bertram Research Group
PI: Timothy Bertram

Nathanson Group
PI: Gilbert Nathanson


Johnson Lab
PI: Mark Johnson

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