Prof. Grassian Honored for Creative Advances; Prof. Pomeroy Highlighted for Educational Initiatives

Congratulations to CAICE Investigator Vicki Grassian for being recently honored with the American Chemical Society’s Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology. Professor Grassian is well known for her work on the chemical and physical properties of atmospherically relevant surfaces, especially with respect to gas-particle reactions.  The application of fundamental microscopy and surface science techniques to aerosols is certainly in lock-step with the Center’s mission, and this award serves to represent a recognition of its importance to the environmental chemistry community.

A program led by CAICE Investigator and Education Lead Skip Pomeroy has been highlighted for its innovative and foreward-thinking way of bringing younger students into the laboratory and giving them a taste of university life.  The program, populated with students from Castle Park High School in Chula Vista, CA, focused on guiding the students to extract biofuel from spent coffee grounds, acquired from campus eateries.  This project is illustrative of the practicality of chemistry and exposes students to a laboratory experience to which they would not necessarily have access normally.

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