RSC ‘Chemistry in Climate’ Feature

“In the lead up to the UN climate change conference in Paris in late 2015, it is timely to consider the importance of chemistry in climate science. This collection showcases the essential contributions of chemical science to understanding climate change. As the world weighs mitigation and adaptation options, chemists will be part of the search for solutions.”

Prof. Susan Solomon, Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Science, MIT; Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts Advisory Board Member

The Royal Society of Chemistry is featuring a series of reviews and original articles investigating the importance of chemistry to Earth’s climate.  A CAICE publication, entitled ‘Raman microspectroscopy and vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy as probes of the bulk and surface compositions of size-resolved sea spray aerosol particles’ and published in the RSC journal, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, has been selected to feature in this high profile collection.  This paper, led by Andrew Ault during his time as a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Vicki Grassian at the University of Iowa, highlights how techniques often reserved for fundamental studies of chemical systems can be utilized on complex samples to advance our understanding of environmental chemistry.

The entire ‘Chemistry in Climate’ collection has been made free to access for four weeks (ending 20 December 2014).

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