Chemistry Trunk


Hands-on science, storytelling, and art bring the work of CAICE scientists to life for students.

Climate Science & Atmospheric Chemistry Trunk

The Climate Science & Atmospheric Chemistry Trunk, also known as the BriefCAICE, was created in collaboration between the Climate Science Alliance and its Climate Kids program. Through hands-on science, art, and storytelling activities students will gain an understanding of the current science behind atmospheric chemistry, the impact of aerosols on climate and public health, and how scientists are working to better understand the issues that we face at the intersection of these topics.

Interested in bringing the BriefCAICE to your school or organization?

They will be available for check-out at the
 San Diego Natural History Museum as part of their Loan To You Program starting January 2020. Not local to San Diego, or have another question? Please email Jeanette McConnell - the Education, Outreach & Diversity Coordinator - at with your request.


About the Collaborative Project

The NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment partnered with the Climate Science Alliance to create materials to support community outreach on aerosols and climate change. CAICE researchers worked alongside the Climate Science Alliance team to bring CAICE science to the Climate Kids program, developing a traveling trunk focused on climate change and atmospheric chemistry.

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