2021 CLEAR Symposium

What do freeways, airports, chickens, population density, wealth, weather, COVID-19 and biomes have in common???

They are all topics that high school students investigated as a part of the Collaborative Learning through Environmental and Aerosol Research (CLEAR) program this year.

Driven groups of students in the program were from Triway High School in Ohio, Parent Partnership Program in Washington, Southeast Career Technical Academy in Nevada and three schools from San Diego, San Diego High School, Westview High School, and High Tech High North County.

As a participant in the CLEAR Program the students were tasked with using Purple Air Sensors to create a science project that investigated air quality and aerosols. About 250 high school students collaborated with 20 CAICE scientist mentors to complete nearly 70 different research projects!

From those 70 submissions, the top 10 poster presentations presented their projects live at the virtual CLEAR Symposium and the top 4 posters received a $$ prize!

Pictures of the top 4 posters from the 2021 CLEAR Symposium.

In addition to submitting academic style posters, the CLEAR Program participants created beautiful artworks inspired by their projects. These were displayed at the CLEAR Symposium, ranging from paintings, drawing, digital art, poetry, and video.

Examples of CLEAR Symposium art projects.

The CLEAR Program is one of our most favorite initiatives at CAICE and we are so thankful to all the students, teachers and mentors for making this program and success year after year. Thank you and well done to all the participants in the 2021 CLEAR Program!

Are you interested in joining us for the program next time? Learn more about the CLEAR Program here.

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