…and we’re off!

The east side of the Hydraulics Lab is now bustling with the sound of vacuum pumps and impassioned, forward-looking scientific discussion.  Our ocean-atmosphere chamber has been outfitted with perhaps the most comprehensive suite of instrumentation ever assembled at this facility.  It was great to finally meet all of the collaborators that I’ve been communicating with only by email for several months as we all prepared for the upcoming study, which starts on MONDAY! The coming days will be utilized for initial testing and spin-up of our experimental setup.  Every day, I feel even more confident in our collective efforts.

It is truly exciting to be involved in such a comprehensive look at this complex problem at such an early stage in my career.  Simply being involved with such an innovative and highly collaborative project is revolutionizing the way that I am, and will continue to, formulate experiments and studies of multi-faceted scientific problems, like those that we draw from our natural environment.  Climate problems represent some of the most technically challenging areas of experimental study due to the inherent complexity of coupled environmental systems.  Achieving the ability to control many of those variables and reproduce a particularly important phenomenon is a major opportunity for great advancement in this area of scientific understanding.

I can’t wait for the study to officially begin…

Doug Collins, Graduate Student, Prather Research Group; University of California, San Diego

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