Experience cutting-edge research while you work side by side with influential CAICE researchers


Be our partner in world-leading research on aerosol particles and their impact on the chemistry of the environment.

Aerosol particles, microscopic bits of dust, soot, and sea spray suspended in the air, are the most poorly understood component of Earth’s atmosphere. Without detailed insight on the chemical life-cycle of aerosol particles, it will remain challenging to accurately assess their impact on human-health, cloud formation and precipitation.

It is time for all of us to get involved in the study of aerosol particle chemistry.

Hands-on science, storytelling and art activities bring the work of CAICE scientists to life for students.
(Recommended grades 4-12)

Students design their own Citizen Science experiment to learn about air quality, climate and how aerosols impact their communities.
(Recommended grades 10-12)

Festivals, libraries, backyards . . . we bring the science of CAICE to you and your community through interactive & fun experiences for all!

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